COVID-19 Vaccines

The Best Way To Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community
Get Vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines are very effective.

All vaccines offer a high level of protection against severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

More than 100 million Americans have already been vaccinated. It’s normal to experience a mild reaction, like pain or redness on your arm where the shot was given, or tiredness, fever, or a headache for a day or two. This means your body is building protection against the virus. Serious side effects are very rare. You cannot get the virus from the vaccines.

The vaccines are free and widely available.

Many places offer vaccines, including public health departments, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, grocery stores, and health centers. Just enter your ZIP code at Vaccines.gov to find a provider near you.

We can all move forward by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
Parents and guardians: The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been authorized for children 12 and older. Please accompany anyone under 18 to get vaccinated.
If you’re unable to sign up online or if you need language assistance, call to register for an appointment.
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